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Walk together children, Don't you get weary.

 Even decades after the Civil Rights Movement, Sunday yet remains the most segregated day of the week. 
To effectively be the Gospel, we must face the cultural and racial divides that still exist in our society. 
Every Sunday in the month of MARCH we will gather TOGETHER at diverse places of worship around the city 
of Memphis and afterwards gather nearby to share 
and discuss our unique experiences. 
For more information call 901-949-9576. 


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Marvin Booker Was Murdered

     On July 9, 2010, Marvin Booker, a homeless street preacher from Memphis, TN., was beaten to death by five Denver Sheriff's Deputies because he simply wanted to get his shoes. For many years he studied and imparted at the 
Racism to Reconciliation table of MSSL. 
He was truly a gift to our community.  
His death at the Downtown Denver Detention Center 
was captured on videotape and witnessed by more than 30 people awaiting to be processed into the jail. 
After the incident, the city of Denver took more than nine months to release the video, and the details surrounding 
his death. Incredibly, none of the five 
Denver Sheriff's at the time were indicted nor reprimanded for the murder of Marvin Booker. 
Marvin Booker Was Murdered reveals how Denver city administrators delayed denied, and attempted to discourage the Memphis based Booker family from suing those responsible for his death. The film investigates Marvin's life, and the events surrounding his death through the recollection of the Booker family, 
and their two civil rights attorneys Darold Killmer, 
and Mari Newman. The Booker family has been a 
fixture in Memphis for decades. 
There are many Memphians who are also in the film. 
We hope you attend the screening, so you can learn how a Memphis family used its faith and love of 
one another to overcome the death of a man 
whose name and case should be placed 
squarely in the middle of the 
current debate about the ongoing civil rights 
fight against the killing of unarmed black men.