Through Our Mission We:

    Offer classes and encounters
twice a year to lead people to discern their gifts and call.

    Embrace contextual Bible Study and the 
other disciplines of silence, prayer, 
care of the earth and our bodies, community, 
study stewardship and Sabbath.

    Provide resources to move from discernment 
of call to just action.

    Seek to dismantle power privilege and racism in ourselves, 
our partners, institutions and community.

    Undertake this process in Community and Church partnerships 

    The School is a 501 (c) 3 that does not seek government funding 
and relies on individual, private, and faith based donations to support 
our ministry. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated.

Beginning the Journey 

    heeds the call to:

    Serve as an intentional follower of Jesus and 
the servant life to which Jesus calls us.

    Love others as God loves us.

    Participate in committed Christian community
in relationships of mutual exchange and healthy interdependence.

    Commit to intentionally dismantle power and privilege 
in ourselves and in our institutions.

    Engage in courageous and sacrificial living 
in solidarity with those made poor and 
pushed to the margins.

"Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; And you will be called the repairer of 
the breach, 
The restorer 
of the streets in which 
to dwell. 

Isaiah 58:12
Living the Vision

   Classes are designed to challenge us to live the Gospel 
for our sake and for the world.

At our core is covenantal life of prayer, scripture reading, 
stewardship and mutual dynamic peer relationship with people 
made poor or pushed to the margins. We acknowledge that poverty 
and marginalization are systemic and that 
many remain poor that others live abundantly.

We believe life in the Covenant transforms our relationship with Jesus. 
The Covenant is an inward journey of contemplation, prayer, study, and 
sacrificial service to and in the world.

On the journey, class attendance, attention to God's call, life as an 
instrument of Gods peace, we yearn to be repairers of the breach and 
restorers of the streets to live in.