Our Heritage

To really belong to one another 
and to depend on one another–
to really share a common destiny–
is difficult for a community that 
wants to be diverse. It is also the 
community’s only hope of survival.  
Whether or not we will be honest 
with each other, whether or 
not we will let ourselves 
be truly known, 
determines everything. 

~ N. Gordon Cosby 

The School in Memphis began in 1997 
by an ecumenical group of lay and clergy leaders. Then, the School offered an average of 
two classes a term. Now, there are about eight encounters each semester. 

Classes are affordable and most offerings 
are free as we regularly partner with others to support events which further our mission:

 The Mission of the Memphis School of Servant Leadership is to raise up Christian Servant Leaders for the church and the world and in doing so recall the church to its vocation to participate in the transforming prophetic work of Jesus in the world. Classes are designed to challenge persons to be, say, and do the Gospel --- 
for the sake of the world. 

In this way, we believe we become what the 
prophet Isaiah called, "repairers of the breach and restorers of the streets to live in."

The Memphis School of Servant Leadership 
is one of many independently 
run Schools of Servant Leadership 
around the country. 
The first Servant Leadership School 
was founded in 1986 in Washington, D.C. 
as part of the Church of the Saviour's goal 
to begin a seminary for all people.