What We Do
 We build community by raising up servant leaders, servant ministries and servant churches.
At the Memphis School of Servant Leadership 
we develop classes, workshops, activities and
 worship for those who hunger for a 
powerfully spiritual, disciplined faith-life.

Jesus' teaching and ways of ministering
are at the center of what we do.   

We encourage developing a
 deeper relationship with Jesus who is experienced
 as transforming presence, guide and model. 

 And, we challenge seekers to bring God's 
dream of a reconciling world into the 
work of the church and culture.  

To put it simply we build community by 
raising up Servant Leaders, servant ministries
 and servant churches.

It is not often that I engage in 
something that I know for sure has 
changed my  life, rearranged my 
thought process, made me look at things in a whole new way; you could say 'the way'. 
But Servant Leadership has been 
that experience for me. 
The questions planted in my 
           brain reverberate, deepening."  

Ellen Morris Prewitt
    Servant leadership is a way of being and experiencing the world. You can begin this journey by participating in one of our servant leadership classes. Our work continues to evolve as we seek to provide a context  for a transforming relationship with Jesus.

     Most classes will be eight to twelve weeks in length and meet weekly for one hour and thirty minutes.  Classes require a serious commitment of study and reflection.  At the same time, they are designed to provide a supportive community in which each participant is helped toward an ever-deepening journey of faith and service. 

    If you are new to servant leadership, we suggest you take "Servant Leadership: Testing the Waters" for a basic introduction to the core servant leadership themes.

 How You Can Participate

  Anam Cara

Come discover the Celtic Circle of Belonging through the spiritual landscape of the Irish imagination. 
Guided by John O'Donohue, in Anam Cara, Gaelic for "soul friend," the ancient teachings, stories, 
and blessings of Celtic wisdom provide such
 profound insights on the universal themes of friendship, solitude, love, and death as:

•Light is generous  
•The human heart is never completely born
•Love as ancient recognition
•The body is the angel of the soul
•Solitude is luminous
•Beauty likes neglected places
•The passionate heart never ages
•To benatural is to be holy
•Silence is the sister of the divine
•Death as an invitation to freedom

Let's explore together.

Fridays, February 10 - April 14
10-11:30 AM

The Commons (MSSL) 
  258 Merton Avenue

Life Writing Circle 

It has been said that there are 5.8 billion people 
in the world. Each person has their story, 
their good news and their experience of 
the world through their soul to write. 
We are not left alone to explore. 
The Writing Circle hopes to bring 
individuals from different walks of 
life together to develop their voices, 
write their gospel, and enjoy the gift 
of writing in community.

Wednesdays, February 8- March 29  
10-11:30 AM

The Commons (MSSL)  
 258 Merton Avenue

on Henri Nouwen

  Nouwen is one of the most respected and prolific Christian writers of the 20th Century. 
 Instead of the thick theological tomes that only 
studied academics could understand, Henri wrote for the everyday person in a language and way that everyone could understand, enjoy and relate to. 
 He taught in Seminaries and was chaplain to the handicapped and marginalized. He had needs and had the struggles of everyday people and everyday life. Henri has a wonderful way of helping us to get to 
know and understand ourselves and others 
on a deeper and more loving way.  

This is an invitation to those who don't know 
Henri to come and be introduced to a man who 
was loving, compassionate, and caring. 
For those who already know Henri, 
this is an invitation to delve deeper into the thoughts and writings of Henri to learn more about oneself.  

Tuesdays, February 14-April 4 12:30-2:00 PM

The Commons (MSSL) 
  258 Merton Avenue

Prayer, Meditation, Declaration 

 We will be relying heavily on the Psalms in discovery 
of stirrings to react and resist in response to life, oppression, and the current climate of Trump's regime.
 Transformation begins within us.
God is not silent.

Wednesdays, February 8- March 29 

The Commons (MSSL) 
  258 Merton Avenue

Gathering, Listening, Discerning

Gathering in exploration of God through use of
myriad sacred text with aim of discerning 
how God intercepts in our daily living.

Mondays, February 13 -March 20 
  6:00-7:15 PM  

Good Shepherd United Methodist 
  6050 Summer Ave

The Peaceable Kindom Now and Here

 Racism and reconciliation: evocative and powerful matters that will focus our gathering as we read from and reform the spiritual journey that has brought us thus far. We will reflect on racism, its meaning, definition and articulation in the context of our life together and apart in the local community, the United States and world. The Scriptures, along with other sacred writings that reflect the traditions of participants will be the guides with which we begin as we search for expressions of racial reconciliation that are personal, social and universal. 

Thursdays February 23-April 14 
  6:30-8:00 PM
The Commons (MSSL) 258 Merton Avenue 

Current Offerings